Yellow pages is the old way of marketing

It has become very clear to me that many business owners still use the yellow pages for advertising. For you millennials the yellow pages used to be a part of the local phone book that business owners would use to advertise their businesses. A phone book would be dropped on your doorstep of each home owner and businesses knew that during the year when a person needed an attorney, plumber, realtor or any type business the yellow pages was the go to place for information.

Today that place is called Google…..when a person searches for a business Google uses a geographic system to find the closest and best choice based on the search made by the customer. Many business owners still spend their advertising dollar on the yellow pages online but here is why that is not a good idea anymore.

The first reason is because the phone book is too outdated the majority of people don’t correlate the relationship between using the yellow pages with finding out information about a business even from an online perspective. We have information at our fingertips so we use the search bar, we ask Siri, we get notifications from businesses through social media. The yellow pages is not the go to source for the potential customers anymore. The yellow pages only advertise within their own business structure so once again it’s a limited source compared to how customers search for information these days. The yellow pages also uses video marketing on YouTube but once again it’s within their business structure which the average customers are not using.

We have too many directory sites these days that are niche related. These sites monopolize search results pages, which basically means If a customer needs a contractor and they are using search engines to find that information a directory site such as Angie’s List or Home advisor may give them the information they need. The likelihood of customer using the yellow pages to find you is about as likely as someone still having dial up internet service or a television with bunny ear antennas. As businesses continue to become more and more competitive online making the proper marketing choices is key to online success and duration in the marketplace today. Technology moves us forward, faster and swifter than ever imagined. Limiting our marketing dollars is a recipe for disaster. Using older models that have trust factor is probably why most businesses automatically consider using the yellow pages but understanding they are not positioning you for optimization from an online standpoint is key. Please consider other options from your marketing dollars, look into new ways of driving traffic and finding the customer that is looking for you!

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