Identifying The Critical  Dos and Don’ts of a Webpage

Do create a solid page structure! No one wants to come to a web page and find things all over the place. No way of really knowing what the page is about. A structured page makes reading it easier, makes viewing the videos a powerful information source and infographics will become a part of their psychological thought process. They will begin to come back for more information.

Do focus on what is important to your business. Whatever your service or product may be make sure you focus only on this information. This will help to create a huge fan base of interested people. Make sure your entire website is focused on your business and nothing else. Give away freebies. Have a way for people to join your waiting list! Do what you need to do in order to create a huge fan base because these are the people that will eventually become paying customers.

Do choose the right color scheme. Choose colors based on the emotions of your reader. So for example if you have a spa business, you will want to use soothing colors, nothing bright and loud. Using bright and loud colors for a spa site will surely turn a potential client away. A Branding Agency can be used to help you out with determining these little details that make a huge difference.

Do make it simple for your readers to scan over your pages…NEVER create huge lumps of content without using spaces. This is a costly mistake many people never consider. People don’t want to feel as if they have to read the entire piece of information to find out what the page is about. Allow them to read the information in small increments. Most people scan content than actually read from start to finish so make it as easy as possible. Have plenty of white space, headings and bullet points for your readers.

So let’s look at the things that you should never do on your webpages

Don’t write huge paragraphs! We just touched on that but it must be repeated. No one wants to read this way, this type of writing will turn people away, remember your potential client can always click out and find what they are looking for in a second. The customers knows they are in control of their search so make it worth their time when they come to your webpage.

Don’t overdo it with too many colors on your website. This can be extremely distracting and just does not look good or professional. It will turn people away. No one wants to see a full color spectrum on a website because it is not appealing to the eye.

Don’t place advertisements all over your website. There is nothing wrong with advertising it’s truly the reason most websites exist but there is a time and place for them. Cramming ads down your customers throats is not the way to do it. Always strategically place call to actions throughout your website and do not overdo it because it will turn your potential customers away

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