Have You Ever Googled Your Business?

I know some of you are saying really of course I have googled my business! I really want you to think about the question. When we are business owners we look at our business through a different set of eyes. We can only see our time, money, investment, ideas and goals when we look at our business, whether it be online or a storefront. We look for things we want done, or things we have struggled to accomplish within the business. My question may appear simple but it’s truly something to really think about and try to see from the eyes of the consumer.

If you only look at your business online by entering your web address then you are truly unaware of the importance of the question I asked. Not everyone knows your web address but they do know what they are in search or need of when they are using the search engines. Organic searches create traffic not direct search entries. How would a customer or client find you? What search terms would they use? Are they using a mobile device or desktop? Are there peak hours of the day you have more visits to your website than others.

If so what is driving those peaks or searches? All of these things not only matter to your business but they apparently matter to Google. Search results are changing in rapid ways. Take a minute to look at your business online from a consumer standpoint and really pay attention to how your business comes up in the search engines. Does it come up from a search you would expect it to or not and if it does not WHY?
Is you business a local business and you only cater to your locality?

If so what have you done to ensure people in your local area can find your business. If you sell products or services that can be purchased worldwide can individuals in other countries find your website in order to do business with you? We live in a time that our business can reach globally, are you aligned with that from an online standpoint?

Do you work in a niche with multiple businesses with the exact same niche in your office building? Has your rankings changed lately? I am going to say YES they have, you just are not aware of it.

Right now it’s the beginning of the FALL as well the beginning of fiscal year for many people in business. Now is the time to begin fresh and new with goals and projections. The goals you originally worked towards for your business may have a slight disadvantage if you were depending on your online presence continue to stay the same. Make sure you are aware of these changes and restructure yourself accordingly!

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