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Search engine optimization

A Southern Maryland based Search and Online Marketing Agency.

You need your site to be found – With over 20 years of experience in search, Leading Edge Marketing closely monitors the ever evolving world of Search Engine Optimization  to determine the best, cost-effective search marketing strategies, so you can achieve the positioning you need to grow your business.

We provide these services through methods ranging from keyword and content targeting to managing our Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing).

 How Do We Search Online?

Everyday more people are looking online to find answers and solutions to their problems. Search engines have become the gateway to something as simple as needing a plumber to the answer to life’s deepest questions.

The main reason a business is set up is to solve a problem. No matter the product or service, there is someone who needs the service so the likely hood of them using the search engine to find what they are looking for is extremely high. For instance it’s a last minute conference and someone is looking for a place to have a manicure. They are going to search Nail salon Southern Maryland or nail salon Charlotte hall. Validation exist when the largest company on the planet which is Google tells your potential client that you are the best nail salon in Charlotte Hall is the very reason why search engine ranking is not only important but profitable

Keyword Research

There are numerous people looking for your services in the search engines. Having different terms or keywords helps to solve this problem for them. You are losing more business than you realize not being on page one of Google.

At Leading Edge Marketing we have search tools that help us understand just how much business you are actually missing out on. One of the things we do is to find out just how many people are on the internet searching for what a company can provide for them.

By giving our clients that type of knowledge they have a general idea of how much new business our SEO company can bring to them
So let’s examine what search engine optimization actually is! Basically taking all the things that search engines look for to determine their rankings and optimizing those factors. These factors include your content, technical factors on your website, reviews and outside sources that are linked to your site.

What is a SERP?

Google is very good at understanding how people interact with the internet. This enables them to help people find the best information they can based on how the person actually searched. SERP is search engine results pages. Each keyword as a different SERP. Some SERPS will only have websites on it and some will include videos, social media listings and some include directory listings. Leading Edge Marketing uses all these types of properties on the internet to make sure your customers find you, connect with you and take action to contact you.

Our main objective is to get your website to a point that it is performing at its optimal best. Making sure all the technical criteria as been addressed and taken care of. Also making sure your content is relevant to the way people that are looking for you may find your website. So often business owners, copywriters and content providers will create articles and videos that have no particular relevance as to what people are actually searching for in Google.

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