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Check Out These 5 Tips on Boosting Facebook Traffic That are Absolutely FREE:

1. Know Your Content

Facebook insights shows you what is popular with your FANS! Learn to look over your insights and pay attention to what people that are following your page are responding to and continue to post content on             that subject matter. What content gets the most likes, shares and comments. When you find out what people like the most on your page do more of it! Content is KING on Facebook, make sure yours stands                 out, always give value and get’s your followers attention. Always consider making things easy for your followers to engage, have followers that want to know what you are going to post next!

   2. Use Your Blog

          You Do Have a BLOG?

  Blogs bring huge opportunities to increase visibility not just on Facebook but the entire internet itself. One of the main things you can do with a blog in link relevant information from your Facebook page to your website or blog page. You can always ask your readers to follow you on Facebook or vice versa. This creates an audience and allows your business to grow at lightning speed. Your readers can find  more information about your business and see what events and other things you have going on with your business!

3. Use Email

Even with all the technology we have we can always use email to promote our business. Having social share buttons at the bottom of your email signature allows you to give another link into your social                         platforms. This gives a potential customer the opportunity to follow you and have another look into your business before they decide to come on board and be an actual client!

 4.  Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest is the hottest social networks on the web right now. It ranks on Google and it allows you to create more reach to your potential clients by posting your photos from Facebook onto Pinterest. Adding                 links to your Facebook description also gives people that follow you the opportunity to find you on Pinterest and follow you there. Call to Actions have a huge impact on your Facebook community!

 5.  Promote Events

Anytime you have an event going on Facebook is definitely the place to promote them. Sharing photos, live updates and videos of your events helps to build your Facebook fan base. People like to see that you             have something going and they like being able to feel as if they are a part of it!


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