Following a recipe step by step in order to create a fabulous meal?

It’s Labor Day weekend and I am sure many of us are looking for the awesome outdoor meal that will put a seal of approval on this last summertime cookout for 2016! I know I have many times. I may see an entrée online and think WOW that looks delicious I really want to make that myself. So what is the next step in this process of seeing a dish and wanting to prepare it for ourselves we find the recipe, purchase the ingredients and do exactly what the instructions say to do. Not only that but every time we make this dish we follow the same instructions. Then we get to a point where we know it without needing the instructions anymore. At that point we begin to add different flavors or seasoning, maybe replace the protein or duplicate one of the ingredients that may not be as healthy with a healthier option. My point to all of this is, why don’t we do the same thing for our business model in order to be successful. Why do we approach our business outside of the “recipe” model. Many individuals have been successful following a recipe, but somehow our brains tell us there are other ways to do it! Here are some steps to create the “RECIPE” for a successful business!

Step 1 Identify what people need from your service or product

This is crucial to your business being successful. So often we focus on the product. I see so many businesses that post their product everyday with a huge BUY ME button. It seems so invasive at times. I look at this from the standpoint of going into a clothing store or a car lot and the salesperson ask if they can help you or show you something in particular and you respond, “No Thank you, I am just looking right now”. Well the same concept goes with your business model online. People want to shop around and feel you out. They have a problem and need a solution. They want to know you can solve this issue, they want to know who they are giving their resources to in order to solve this issue. If you give them enough information they will eventually contact you to move forward. If you only advertise your product or service you are not giving them enough information to know if your product or service will actually fill their needs.

Step 2 Make sure you have the proper tools

Not having access to the proper tools to create a consistent flow in your business creates many roadblocks. There are so many different programs, software and tools available to us these days. Some even have free trial periods or free versions you can use if your resources are limited at this time. Take advantage of these tools. They give your business a flow that is needed in order to proceed to creating the perfect product or service. It goes back to the recipe model, can you measure ingredients without a true measuring cup? Sure you can but it may not be accurate, which will change the flavor of the dish. This one little offset can also make or break your business. Use the needed tools so create a streamlined look with every interaction.

Step 3 Identify what people actually value

We often assume we know what people need and want. Structure your business in a way that shows you have done some product research, Let your potential clients know that you understand what is most important to them in this product or service and display your knowledge in your content so they will feel comfortable when they decide to contact you to move forward in the process. We all know the saying a confused mind does NOTHING. If a person does not truly understand what you have to offer they will not make a decision.

Step 4 Stay consistent in your business model

Back when my son was a freshman in high school he would go to a basketball trainer every Sunday afternoon. During his 10th grade year he moved to another town so he missed an entire year with this particular trainer. When he returned the next year the basketball trainer was still at the same location , with the same schedule doing the exact same practice drills. His business is consistently growing and thriving and we were able to fit right into his program. This is what your clients and potential customers want to see in your business. They want to know you are going to perform at the same rate and level you always have. It’s almost like going to a restaurant you love. You expect the food to taste just as good on Monday as it did last Friday night. When your business model continues to change it creates a look of not truly understanding your business foundation and it takes away the confidence your client needs in order to continue to do business.

Take the time to roadmap your business model. Keep it in front of you on a daily basis until you know it with your eyes closed. After that remain consistent in your business and you will attract the type of clients you love to help!

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